What if oxygen is poisonous and it just takes 75-100 years to kill us?

My science teacher said he thinks that’s true actually

Yeah this is actually pretty much exactly what is going on. It’s why anti-oxidants are such a big deal. Bonus fact: oxygen oxidizes stuff in your cells or, in other words, it’s not toxic, just setting you on fire
very very slowly.

Lmao sure okay

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Losing someone important to you..

It hurts. Right down to your stomach. That uncomfortable feeling, when you know you’re slowly drifting away from them. You’ll miss them, hopefully they think about you like you always thought about them. Till you’re just a faded memory. Then you suddenly disappear out of their lives. It hurts. 

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“ Your stare got me thinking
that if looks could kill,
I would be happy knowing
that you were the last thing I saw
before my world went dark.